Well done is better than well said.

                                                                        ‒ Benjamin Franklin



My real estate career began in the late 1970s when I joined one of Ohio’s first Century 21 offices after making a career change from a sales management position with General Electric. The challenges and freedom that a real estate career offered were appealing to me. Soon I realized how daunting those new career challenges could be. The early ‘80s ushered in a terrible recession that profoundly affected the housing market. Prospective buyers were facing mortgage rates topping 18% ‒ creative financing was key to making sales. Persistence and determination were the order of the day. I persevered and my career survived. The hard lessons I would learn during that period have served me well ever since.


By the early ‘80s I would be managing another Century 21 company. For the next seven years, I helped grow the start-up company to a position of local market strength and continued to further establish myself as a sales leader in our area.


In the late ‘80s I found the opportunity to open a branch office for yet another Century 21 company, starting with only myself and four other Realtors. Over the next 15 years, as a managing broker who also continued to work with my own clients, I was able to build this office to a sales staff of 40 agents . Our office ranked in the top 2% of all offices within the Century 21 system for three years in a row. During this time I was responsible for virtually all aspects of brokerage management.


In 2003 I left management to focus entirely on sales, which had always been the most rewarding aspect of the real estate business for me. I spent the next five years with a small, independent company, adding to my knowledge of residential sales and more fully developing my selling skills. Having previously realized the benefits of being affiliated with an international brand, I made the move to RE/MAX in 2008 and quickly found even greater opportunities to provide better service to my clients.


As a Realtor and managing Broker, I have taken an active role in over 5,000 successful real estate transactions and completed over 1,300 hours of formal real estate training and education. It gives me great pleasure to apply my extensive experience in negotiating, market effectiveness, problem-solving and risk reduction to protect my clients’ interests.